10600062-Whatman Amersham硝酸纤维素膜 Protran 0.45um NC膜

10600062Whatman Amersham硝酸纤维素膜 Protran 0.45um NC膜

  • 型号 10600062
  • 品牌 沃特曼
  • 【简单介绍】

    Protran™(NC)膜是世界上使用Z为广泛的特异性转移介质。Protran NC膜采用100%纯NC材料制成,保证不含醋酸纤维素材料,确保了Z高的结合能力。“Whatman Amersham硝酸纤维素膜 Protran 0.45um NC膜”

    GE Amersham硝酸纤维素膜Protran NC膜0.2um孔径10600001(可替代10401396)

    Nitrocellulose membrane, with a 0.2 µm pore size and high surface area, for binding of small proteins (< Mr 20 000).

    • Low background and excellent signal-to-noise ratios, without the need for stringent washing conditions. Compatible with a variety of labeling and detection systems.
    • High binding capacity of small proteins (< Mr 20 000) reduces risk of “blow-through”.
    • Proprietary nitrocellulose formula gives a long shelf life of bound proteins.
    • Available in popular precut sizes for your application.

    GE Amersham硝酸纤维素膜Protran NC膜0.2um孔径10600001(可替代10401396)

    Amersham Protran offers excellent sensitivity, resolution, and low background, especially when used with Amersham ECL, Amersham ECL Prime, or Amersham ECL Select Western Blotting Systems.

    Material Nitrocellulose (NC)
    Pore Size 0.2 µm
    Application Western, Southern and Northern Blotting
    Binding Capacity 150-176 µg IgG/cm2 (incubation method)
    20-72 µg BSA/cm2 (incubation method)
    Autoclavable Yes (steam autoclave)