millipore过滤器SCGPS05RE SCGPS05RE


产品名称: millipore过滤器SCGPS05RE
产品型号: SCGPS05RE
产品厂商: millipore

millipore过滤器SCGPS05RE Steritop -GP,0.22 µm,改良聚醚砜,500 mL 33 mm,射线MIE菌 millipore过滤器SCGPS05RE 对组织培养基和添加剂、蛋白质溶液、病毒悬浮液、DNA 及其它水溶液进行**过滤Steritop-GP,0.22 µm,改良聚醚砜,500 mL 33 mm,射线MIE菌 MSDS (material safety data sheet) or SDS, CoA and CoQ, dossiers, brochures and other available documents.


Steritop-GP,0.22 µm,改良聚醚砜,500 mL 33 mm,射线MIE菌

对组织培养基和添加剂、蛋白质溶液、病毒悬浮液、DNA 及其它水溶液进行**过滤Steritop-GP,0.22 µm,改良聚醚砜,500 mL 33 mm,射线MIE菌


Replacement Information
无菌性 工艺体积 孔径
无菌 500 mL 0.22 µm
产品目录编号 SCGPS05RE
  • Steritop
描述 Steritop-GP,0.22µm,改良聚醚砜,500mL 33mm,射线MIE菌
背景信息 The Stericup® vacuum filtration system is the most efficient single-use, disposable process for sterile media preparation. It combines a Steritop® filter unit with a receiver flask for processing and storing volumes from 150 mL to 1,000 mL in a single, ready-to-use format. Its no-tip, easy-grip flask design and balanced profile improve stability during filtration in tight laminar flow hoods, and the convenient labeling and packaging make it easy to open and track each device. The bottom of the receiver flask is slightly recessed, so you can conveniently stack capped flasks after filtration, maximizing precious refrigeration space. You can also use Steritop® bottle-top devices with your own sterile capture flask or bottle.

Features & Benefits

Millipore Express® PLUS membrane for fastest flow rates and low protein binding to minimize absorption and protein loss, which affect downstream performance and costs
Durapore® membrane for ultra-low protein binding for minimum absorption and protein loss
Snug tight packaging, easy tear-open pouch, and convenient label designs make storing, opening and tracking your devices easy and efficient
Stable base and easy grip design of the Stericup® device enable any user to comfortably perform all stages of the workflow in a laminar flow hood
Recessed bottom of Stericup receiver flasks allows flasks to be stacked easily in refrigerated spaces

Sterilization of Aqueous Solutions (150 mL to 1 L); Sterile Filtration of Culture Media and Buffers with High-Value Protein or Small Molecule Component
装配入口 漏斗
装配出口 33 mm 螺纹
色码 无色,但接头为蓝色
ZUI高工作温度 45 °C

应用 对组织培养基和添加剂、蛋白质溶液、病毒悬浮液、DNA 及其它水溶液进行**过滤
  • Sterile Filtration
媒质 Express PLUS®
无菌性 无菌
MIE菌 γ 射线照射
可湿润性 亲水性
孔径 0.22 µm
压力 / 真空 真空
保持体积 2.4 mL
高度 148 mm
直径 12.5 cm
过滤面积 40 cm²
漏斗容量 500 mL
工艺体积 500 mL
体积 500 mL
过滤器直径 (⌀) 33 mm
标称孔径 0.22 µm
  • 聚醚砜(PES)
  • 聚苯乙烯
数量 12