Biotin hexylamine Cat. No. B-C6A-1 5 mg修饰性聚乙二醇


Biotin hexylamine

Cat. No. B-C6A-1
Unit Size 5 mg
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Biotin hexylamine (Biotin-C6-NH2) is one of Nanocs’ biotinylation reagents that have a primary amine group. Primary amine group can be used to react with many amine reactive groups such as carboxyl (-COOH), aldehyde (-CHO), succinimidyl ester (-NHS), and many others.

Product Features:

  • Biotinylation– label molecules and surfaces for assay or affinity purification methods involving avidin or streptavidin probes and resins
  • Cell surface labeling– primary amine can be crosslinked to proteins and material surfaces using EDC and other crosslinkers
  • Aldehyde-reactive-amino biotin reacts with aldehydes formed by periodate-oxidation of sugar groups
  • Specifications:

    • Appearance (color): White to off-white.
    • Appearance (form): Semi-solid to solid;
    • Solubility: Soluble in DMSO, DMF or water (Pegylated);

    Storage Conditions:

    • Store at -20 0C.